1. SSD / Flash media

    Solid State Drive (SSD) has come a long way over the past several years. $ per Gigabyte has made leaps and bounce improvement.

  1. Hybrid eSATA (eSATA USB hybrid) interface

    To add the BUS power capabitity to the eSATA interface, a new eSATA USB Hybrid Port (EUHP) has been added into many Notebook systems. This new hybrid port is also expected to appear in new generation of motherboard and Desktop systems.

  1. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Tutorial

    USB 2.0 has been the ubiquitous external data connection standard for all types of computers since its release in 2000.

  1. Flash Memory Tutorial

    Flash memory is non volatile memory designed to store data on the chip without requiring any power to retain the information.

  1. Serial ATA Tutorial

    Serial ATA is a new interface technology defined by Intel Corporation and backed by all major PC manufacturers, Hard disk manufacturers, Addonics Technologies and many leading companies in the computer industry.

  1. Host Controller Tutorial

    A host controller acts as a bridge to allow connection between a host system and external or internal computer peripherals.